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Angie Robinson

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(The following is an interview with Angie Robinson, taken the University of Leeds Library's Career Development pages. Gratefully reproduced, with permission.)

Educational background Durham High School from age 7. ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels . BA Edinburgh University 1974 - the start of my continuing love affair with a beautiful city.

What jobs did you have before you came to LUL? 1974 – 5 Clerical Assistant Inland Revenue, Ipswich 1975 – 1979 Clerical Officer at the then Department of Employment in Oxford (sadly before Inspector Morse so I never saw him filming!) 1979 – 1989 – the Rector’s Wife! – unpaid parish secretary and organiser of anything and everything in various parishes – Darlington, Stockton on Tees, then Edinburgh. Mum to Sarah and Jamie 1989 – 1990 – When Jamie started school took a part time job in Department of Psychiatry library , Edinburgh University. 1990 moved to Leeds. 1990 – 1996 part-time Library Clerk EBL 1996 – 1999 fulltime Library Assistant EBL 1999 – 2002 One of the team of four Counter Supervisors EBL and Shelving Co-ordinator November 2002 – Site Manager, EBL

What experience/knowledge/skills did you get which have helped you with your current job? From being the Rector’s Wife - the ability to organise most things from strawberry teas to Archbishop’s visits, crisis management, meeting deadlines, and the experience of working with a wide variety of people and groups with many different needs. Being a mum teaches you patience and how to juggle an impossible number of jobs at once. From my years in the EBL a knowledge of the ‘frontline’ and other areas such as reservations, shelving.

Give a brief summary of the main features of your current job Delivering customer services at EBLto give the ‘excellent customer experience’ Managing staff - with individual line management responsibilitiy for 15 staff Arranging rotas Implementing new procedures and practices eg. the introduction of self management in customer services Troubleshooting all kinds of situations and equipment Recruiting and training staff Developing staff through training and arranging cross site experience Monitoring KPIs and services and reporting problems Monitoring EBL as a building – identifying problems and working with others to find solutions Working on cross library groups including Marketing.

What is your own most FAQ? It’s not really a question – but it’s what people say the most ‘I know you don’t want to hear this but…………’

What are your next career plans? No idea – still reeling from the last ‘career move’. There was never a grand plan!

What advice would you give someone who wanted to do your job? You need all of the following in varying degrees! • Sense of humour • Sense of perspective • Resilience in the face of whatever comes your way • Patience and calm • The ability not to take things personally • To know everything and be in a position to fix everything (not cracked this one yet!) • The ability to ride a roller coaster.

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