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Creating entries guide

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If you are not a blogger but wish to take part in the Library Routes Project, then you can create a page in this Wiki and share your roots and routes that way instead.

The easiest way to do this is type your name into the 'Search' box on the left - then press the Create tab at the top of the page. Then write about your experiences just like you would in Word (the tool-bar has 'bold', 'italics' and so on, and it is easy to create external and internal links, put in images etc).

Then press Save page on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and you're done. (For a more detailed guide, see Wikipedia's own entry on the subject - Wikipedia uses the same MediaWiki software so the technical details are the same.)

Once you're done, return to the Main Page, and edit the section where people are adding their links. Put in your name and role, and then for your link simpy write your name inside double square brackets, and the link will be created to the page you've just written.

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